About Us

Bijou Sachi was started with a single product idea and a good push from a dear friend. We are a small Baltimore-based luxury hand and body care business. As a minority women owned venture, we take immense pride in crafting high-quality products that prioritize transparency, integrity, and thoughtful formulation.

Our core value centers around creating a unique experience for our customers, and we are excited to share our latest product line with you. We have taken inspiration from the concept of what your favorite color would smell like and translated the smells into a range of delicious, complex fragrances.

We sought to create a hand & body balm that could provide skin nourishment and a complex, thoughtfully crafted fragrance experience while being natural. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our ingredients and transparency in our packaging and labeling.   

After multiple formulation trials, we created a product that would become a staple for everyone.

Whipped Luxe Balm

Luxe Balm: A self-care product intended to elevate one’s daily and nightly rituals. Made of a natural, skin-nourishing base and combined with unique fragrance blends it is sure to be a highly-prized luxury to reach for when wanting to experience a bit of pleasure.

Each balm is handcrafted with care, using mango seed butter, rice bran oil, and vegetable glycerine. We fragrance ONLY with essential oils and plant absolutes that are carefully chosen and combined to create an immersive fragrance when applied.

Many products mislead consumers by grouping essential oils, using fragrance oils, or excluding them from their labeling all together.

Our clear labeling addresses perfume sensitivity, the second most common cause of skin allergies, in 106 million Americans.

We prioritize explicit labeling for:

  • Allergen and Sensitivity Concerns
    • Clear labeling enables people to make choices that are based on their own preferences, values, and skincare needs.
    • Transparency and Consumer Trust
      • We are committed to being honest and forthcoming about our formulations as we want it to be easy on our consumer to make informed decisions about the products they use.
      • Ingredient Efficacy
        • Customers interested in benefits of specific oils (Lavender for calming or Tea Tree for acne prone skin) can easily choose products for targeted benefits.

        Our products open a door not only for people with fragrance sensitivities to have a luxurious, custom scent experience, but can also be enjoyed by anyone.

        Thank you for visiting our website. You can find us on Instagram @BijouSachi. We truly appreciate all of your support.